Category: 2022

An Awesome Autumn (and other types of falls)

Hi Friends! The last quarter of 2022 was a bustling time. In addition to Jeff’s work—including two trips to Modesto, California, one to Boulder, Colorado, and one to New York City—we had a family reunion in Southern California, hosted Thanksgiving with our kids, and seemed to run from one event to the next. Service activities […]

The Stampeders

Our 9-week, 7,500+ mile sojourn into the Great White North and beyond (Alaska) was an epic adventure! We headed out July 20 in our pickup truck, pulling a cargo trailer with dirt bikes, kayaks, fishing poles, rockhounding gear, extra gasoline, spare tire(s) and a bucket toilet (in case we couldn’t find a bathroom along the […]

¡Pura Vida!

We’ve enjoyed seven weeks of “the pure life” in Costa Rica, and have left our San Jose/La Ribera home base for a final 12 days of touring the central volcano/cloud forest region and west coast of the country. It has been a great “mezcla” (mixture) of learning, adapting, and engaging. What were initially moments of […]